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  • jkline on

    Looks pretty good. Good luck.

  • Chris on

    That's one sweet rig……..! Lookin forward to seeing them in person at the November-in-October ride….

  • Dave on

    Thanks, they are great looking in person. It has a bit of slope to it. I actually spent a lot of time today comparing it to the frame that had success in July. Their top tubes slope more as the sizes get smaller. My wife has a "their" 52, and the TT slopes quite a bit, a friend has a "their" 54 and it slopes less than my wife's bike, but more than our 56. If you put a level on the TT of our 56, the bubble would float hard to the head tube side. It has slope. I just got done cutting forks, installing headsets and logos to our other 3 demo framesets. The smaller sizes have slightly more TT slope, but it's hard to quantify until I get them all the way built.

  • ike on

    Is the top tube pretty level? I expected a bit more sloping based on an earlier comparison to a frame that had success at a little race last July. Either way, it's a pretty friggin' sweet rig.

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