Panic! At the Disc-o

Had to do it, sorry. We've fortunately got the opposite of a Panic! situation with discs. We've always sought to under-promise and over-deliver, which at times has caused us to have to do some very fancy dancing (see what I did there?) behind the scenes. This time, we've been guiding to a nebulous, milquetoast "this summer" or "sometime in July" availability date for Nimbus Ti Disc, hoping that we wouldn't wind up with egg on our faces at that. Well, no egg - Nimbus Ti Disc builds ship in June. 

This is what's known as a teaser spot, so we won't be revealing all the details here. Here are the things we will say right now: 

  • Hubs are center lock. After using center locks for the past year, I'm never going back to 6 bolts. If you plan to use Shimano brakes, you have to use center lock hubs if you want to maintain your brake warranty, as IceTech(tm) rotors only come in center lock. 
  • Ti cassette body (duh, we couldn't call it Nimbus Ti Disc otherwise), steel rear axle. 
  • Pacenti SL25s will be the standard rim, with the same ultra sexy bead blast finish as the updated SL23 road rim that's been such a huge hit in the Nimbus Ti builds. 
  • Black Lasers will again be the stock spoke.
  • Hub color and graphics will be the same as Nimbus Ti.
  • Builds will ship with our new tubeless tape installed. 
  • Lacing choices will be 24/24, 24/28, and 28/28. 2x lacing on everything. 
  • Set weights will start at 1580g for 24/24 and go up to 1640g for 28/28. That's pretty light.
  • Pricing will be great, though slightly higher than Nimbus Ti (which it should be since costs are higher - if the price wasn't higher it would mean we hadn't priced Nimbus Ti as low as possible. But we have.)
  • There will be 15mm TA and 142x12 fitment options. 


Here is what's going on in the background now, not ready for release:

  • Tubeless CX tire testing has begun. We'll give you way better info than any other brand does on what to use and how to set it up.
  • Tubulars will be available. The "disc specific aluminum tubular" market is fairly limited, but there are some very good options.
  • Carbon tubulars will also be available. We're in the tortured throes of deciding between two great options, both produced by the company that does Rail rims for us. 
  • XD driver is unlikely. 


There's been a ton of interest already, so we're going to open up for pre-sales in about 10 days. This is more like giving out numbers at the deli counter, not like a pre-sale. 

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Apparently the mobile site ate my comment…and someone else beat me to the kids typo :)For the front hub, what is the expected ballpark time sink and tools requirement to swap between standard QR and 15mm TA?


That wasn't a typo, Scott. I just talk funny.


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