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As we detailed in our "Wheel Prices Explained" post of a couple of weeks ago, our wheel pricing is cut from a different cloth than most. As logically follows, our crash replacement policy is a bit different as well. We have too many rims and spokes to simply say that your crash replacement will be X% of the price of a new set or whatever. As stated in the wheel prices blog, our selling prices are based much much more (like basically entirely) on what they cost us versus the retail price of the parts.

In related news, quite simply, our new wheel prices are low enough that there isn't a metric ton of room to give you an eye-popping discount on crash replacements. The point is for us to help ease the pain of an unfortunate incident. A "free refills" policy would create moral hazard and be an unsustainable and unacceptable obligation, but you know that. I can't recall a situation where crash replacement foreplay conversation didn't end up in an "okay, that's great, let's do that, thanks!" conclusion.

Though we give some specifics about crash replacement in its description on the site, the reality is that if you bought a set of wheels from us and they get damaged, we're going to provide you with helpful options no matter how old the wheels are. Many wheel companies need more rigid policies simply because there may be any number of different people involved in rendering a decision. On the other hand, we're just a couple of people, you deal with a principal when you talk to us, and we know what we're able to reasonably do in any situation. 

We're logically going to extend a bit further for 6 month old wheel that got in a pileup versus a 6 year old wheel that died because the brake tracks wore down to aluminum foil, but our philosophy is generally of the "customer for life" stripe. The preponderance of repeat orders that we get bears this out.

So while it might be somewhat frustrating to not be able to know to the dime what a crash replacement cost for any given build will be, our customer first structure makes it hard to give and hard and fast formulas, and we think you're better served by our permanent commitment to you as a customer.

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I got my “crash replacements” today. Nice build, I’m excited to take them for a spin. Thanks guys.


Caught up in a crash during a wet crit and broke my front Rail a couple years ago. Easy replacement and it’s still going strong. Great service and great products.


I personally can attest to the “customer for life” bit. Sold.


Good points, Dave.


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