Our New Hubs!!!


Sort of an ante-climactic (yes, ante-) post here, since we got this notice from UPS:


So instead of building up the first sets with our actual honest-to-God fully live versions of the new hubs, we're dealing with our insurance policy and writing this blog. 

You thought the sign Mike got for outside was cool...

You've still got all weekend to get a set of Rails for $50 off by using your secret decoder ring to input "speedweek" at checkout (actually no ring of any sort is needed - just put the code in). The new hubs won't affect anything on that front. And the women are smashing it at Speed Week, and loving their Rails. We're getting to be quite the big deal, apparently. 

This has been a busy place this springMy keen wit probably cost us a sale when I told a guy "when people see what goes on with our new hubs and alloy builds, anyone who's dumb enough to buy anything else, I just can't help." I am indeed just like a box of chocolate. 

Bleached black has a HUGE lead over the chase group

So, back to insurance and building wheels that don't have our new hubs in them. Which is unfortunate, since I'm doing a 6 hour mtb race on Sunday and what exactly that's going to do to my Monday, no one can say. Actually I can, and what it will do is make me pretty useless. 

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  • Triston on

    Don't mind me – I am just queuing up behind a red velvet rope to nowhere, for no reason.

  • Dave on

    Eric – read tomorrow's blog, but you could leave your hub shell laced into your current wheels and replace every single part with the corresponding part from a Nimbus Ti hub, and wind up with the exact same hub you had.

  • Eric on

    Awesome that you guys have developed your own hubs with WI. One thing that's always scared me about "house" branded hubs is where they actually come from. Can you elaborate more as to the differences between your hubs and the T11's? I love my T11's and wonder what is getting left out to save the cost with yours.

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