Our Kinlins are nicer

You know those movie scenes where the geeky girl (or guy) takes off her (or his) glasses and unbuttons the top button of her blouse (or his shirt) and all of a sudden is wicked hot? I mean of course you're already sitting there like "that's freaking Megan Fox, I'd have crawled through a mile of broken glass to get her number even when she looked like a dork," but still. Anyhow, that's kind of how our Kinlins are. You knew they were hot already, but we've got them dolled up in the 5 star style.

Good on the right, great on the left

First, we get ours made with a matte finish that just looks more in keeping with today's runway fashions. It's not that they aren't nice with the gloss finish, it's just that if you have a no-downside option to making your bike look hotter, you want to take that option. We took that option, and I don't know that anyone else does it.

These rims are just like me - behind and off center

Second, we've switched to an offset rear profile for rim brake builds, in addition to using offset rims front and rear for disc builds. It's not that you can't build a good rear wheel without an offset rim, it's that it's easier to build a better rear wheel with an offset rim. You get more stiffness and less imbalance between right and left side spoke tensions with the offset. Another one of those no-downside improvements that you just make when you have the chance.

All of this fancy stuff is standard in our FSW3 wheels, in the current FSW3 Powertap feature build, and is available for custom builds, and is even available as standalone rims in the Parts and Pieces section (matched pairs only). 

Sometimes it really truly is the little things. 

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