Our free Descente Custom kit, and 20% off your team's Descente Custom kit

The race is on for November jerseys by Descente Custom, which we're giving away as order premes for the first 10 Wheelhouse Frameset customers. There are still some jerseys left, so if you're leaning toward a Wheelhouse, well, lean harder. (Our money back cancellation policy gives you time to consider the purchase and the freedom to change your mind.)

Here's the jersey you're racing for, pictured with the bibs that will also be available for sale soon.

Descente is just this year launching their custom kit program - and judging from the meetings I heard about at Interbike, they'll be making a very high profile splash soon. The November kits above have the distinction of being the very first Descente Custom kit to roll off the line. So not only is your order preme for a really nice jersey - it may also be a collector's item.

Through our partnership with Descente, we're able to offer a 20% discount on custom kit orders for your team. All you have to do is let November sponsor you. Yeah, that's right - let us give you discounts, and in exchange Descente also gives you discounts. Have a look at the full benefits here, and apply here. While you're at it, you can read our Sponsorship Philosophy to see how we play the sponsorship game. (As you might expect, it's different than most.)

It's a pretty sweet deal: get sponsored by November, get discounts on Descente Custom Kit, save some serious coin by buying November products and getting a team discount on build kits and other components. Apply here by November 1st.

To learn more about Descente, visit their website. Or join us on the Great November Ride - the head of Descente's custom program will join us on 10/23, showing off some merchandise and laying down some hurt.

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