Order Premes, Paying 50 Deep

To recap, the way we work here is not unlike a Pro Deal (except that our prices are better and you don't need to jump through a bunch of sponsorship application hoops) - you place your order with us in the fall, and we deliver excellent racing framesets and wheelsets in the early spring.

You can order from us beginning on October 11, up until November 19. That's the deadline. As long as you're in by then, you don't have to pay twice as much for a comparable frame or wheelset from another brand. In fact, there's really no reason to order a day before November 19, right?

Actually, there are 50 reasons to order before November 19. We're rolling out some Order Premes, and they pay 50 deep. The earlier you order, the sweeter the merchandise you'll get:

Wheelhouse Frameset Premes

  • First 10 orders: November jersey, by Descente 
  • 11-20: November Ti QR skewers
  • 21-30: November knit cap
  • 31-40: November L/S t-shirt
  • 41-50: November messenger bag
FSW / RFSW Wheelset Premes
  • First 10 orders for each: November Ti QR skewers

Why offer Order Premes? Because the sooner you become a November customer, the sooner you can start telling your friends and teammates that you're a November customer. We don't spend on advertising, so we rely pretty heavily on word-of-mouth. Yes buying jerseys and ti skewers and messenger bags costs us money, but if we're going to spend money on marketing we'd rather it goes to our customers.

The other reason is that the premes make this a race. And racing is awesome. That's why you're here, right? 

Racers to the line on October 11 please.

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Damn, won't have the $$ until Nov 10th, so no premes for me :(


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