Onyx Hubs

Onyx Hubs

Onyx are unique, American made hubs that have one compelling feature that has two aspects. First is the sprag clutch, which has instant and very positive engagement. The sub feature of the sprag clutch is that the hubs are silent when you coast. Not quiet - silent. Though these might not seem like a huge deal on their face, they've made hard converts out of many people. 

A picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth about a million in this case, so here you have it...


Onyx Vesper hubs are a refinement of the original Onyx hubs. Renowned for their silent and instant engagement, and retaining the sprag clutch mechanism, the Vesper hub update aggressively cuts weight to bring them more in line with other current hubs on the market.

Onyx makes Vesper hubs in a staggering range of colors and options. So many that we didn't even try to make a workaround for the order page. If you order online, we will contact you to sort out the details and final pricing. Or if you want to send us a note and tell us what you're after, that works too.

We've added the Onyx option to All Road 50s, 38s, and 23s, and to RCGs, GOATs, and Cafe Racers. Any other build we do is also available with them, which we will do as a custom order since there are so many variables to Onyx builds that they end up acting like custom builds anyway. 

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Joe – All the cool kids already have bells (I’m not coo, bell or not)

Codey – If you are getting notching beyond “I can tell it’s not brand new” on a Nimbus TI, you need to tighten your cassette lock ring more. The Onyx cassette body has steel inserts that should prevent any significant or detrimental marring. The steel inserts are much better executed than the ones on Bitex and Novatec hubs (both of which we’ve seen come loose/fall off).


Ron – Very high end of the spectrum.


Where do these sit on the price spectrum?


How durable are their freehub bodies? I tend to notch them. My nimbus Ti ones even have a slight notching.

Codey Chmilar

But you have to buy a bell!


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