It's Novemberfest again. Which means that you get to see pictures of old men in lederhosen, and much more importantly, get some ridiculous prices on incredibly good, hand built, finely tuned, and otherwise very special wheels. 

First, let's get the lederhosen out of the way. 

Now the deals. We've gotten special pricing on both AForce Al33 ceramic rims and DT350 hubs in 20/24 drilling, so these are on crazy special. $835 gets you a set of AForce Al33 in ceramic or machined sidewall, with DT350 hubs, CX Ray spokes, and black brass nipples. Both include rim tape, the ceramics include SwissStop BXP brake pads (with all this Swiss stuff maybe we should yodel for joy?). If you enjoyed Oktoberfest maybe a bit too much and are carrying a spare wurst or two and go over 185 or so, the other lacings are also special. And, as in years past, all of the ceramic AForce builds are priced the same as machined sidewall versions for Novemberfest.

The 20/24 DT Swiss ultra special pricing is limited to when hubs run out, which will be before too long. Then they'll be in line with the other lacing, which is to say still crazy good.

If you've got a disc bike, we've got a deal for you as well. DT350 builds in Cafe Racer, RCG36, and GOAT28 are all hooked up for Novemberfest. DT is a little goofy about their axles, as QR front and rear axles, and 12mm front axles, are a little extra since they make us buy the conversion kits for them, but still - run to the computer/phone/tablet (where, conveniently, you already are...) pricing on all of these. 

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Hi Corky – about 165 g of weight, and about $300 of money. Design and layout are very very similar. The 350 is more stoutly built. The flanges are thicker, it’s just generally pressing the edges less than the 240. The transmission engagement system is the same. At this price point, we love the 350. When you factor in that the 240 is double the price, actually even a little bit more than that, and in return is a bit lighter, we think there are better ways to spend that much money on hub.


You’ve probably covered this but please tell me the difference between the DT Swiss 350 hubs and the highly praised 240. thanks!


Hi Ray -

Thanks for the reminder, we missed adding the GX24 to it but have done so now.


Might there be a 27.5 carbon novemberdest deal just over the hills for the diminutive Lederhosen wearers among us?


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