November in January at The Cycling House

In case you missed it, we're doing a trip to The Cycling House in Tucson from 1/27 to 2/1.  The photos mostly speak for themselves, but after a month or so either dressed up like the Michelin man or on the road to nowhere in the basement, riding in short sleeves and bright sunshine in stunning locations sure is nice.  

Each day starts with a great breakfast, followed by a light core or yoga session, and then a ride. Rides distances are generally around 60 miles and range from rolling to Mt. Lemmon.  Mt. Lemmon is a twenty-something mile fairly gradual uphill with shocking scenery and a few dozen microclimates, on which you are nearly guaranteed to see most of the domestic pro peloton out training.   

Rides are fully supported with food, water, clothing, and spares. A healthy host-to-guest rider ratio means you'll be able to go at the effort and speed that are right for you. You get supported like a pro without having to ride like one.

We'll bring a bunch of great gear for you to try. 

Post-rides feature chances to go explore, do a trail run, read a book, get a massage, take a nap, whatever - it's your vacation. TCH will take care of your bike, you just take care of yourself. 

Dinners are something else. If there wasn't so much riding and other awesome stuff going on, you might call it a foodie trip. Between Brendan, Zander, Mike, and me, you'll never want for a good beer selection. Or wine, if that's your thing.  

Traveling is easy, just fly into Tucson and TCH will pick you up from the airport. You can bring your bike, but TCH also has an outstanding rental fleet. 

Weather is generally awesome, but come prepared. If nothing else, the descent from Mt. Lemmon can be a bit chilly. 

Bring your sense of humor, your sense of adventure, your appetite, your liver, and your personal gear. Everything else is taken care of.  Riders of every ability level will have a great time.

Space is limited. If you have any questions, contact us or hit us up with a question in the comments.  

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$1895/pp. That include 5 nights of housing, all the food you can put in your head on and off the bike, mechanic/sag support, transport to and from the airport, and a ton of extra little stuff that the guys do. The only things I spent extra on last year were massages and we went a bit nuts with a beer-off one night. So it's not cheap, but it's great. SWA from BWI to Tucson can be super cheap. It would be AWESOME if you guys came.

Dave K

Dave,What's the cost per person?respectfatmarc


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