Not A Pro Bike - My HOT BUNS

It's easy to find photo profiles of the pro's bikes, but you don't see so many profiles of the bikes that normal people race.  Since I had it on the stand to get it ready for tomorrow, I figured I'd take a few shots and give you a tour.

Here's the big thing about my bike in particular - it's got a disc rear brake.  We needed to get in front of this in order to make the best decision.  For a whole lot of reasons, we're heavily leaning toward cantis.  


The canti brake bikes that the rest of the team has look like this.  Note the full housing setup on the rear derailleur.

The headtube is pretty stout - 1-1/2" at the bottom.  Plenty of mud clearance too.


Plenty of tire clearance in the back, too.


The BB cluster on the disc bike is a little busy with the cable reverser, front derailleur clamp and K-Edge chain guard.  The canti bikes have the front derailleur cable mounted under the BB, which cleans this up.  A derailleur clamp mounted K-Edge works great with that setup.  


We plan to go heavy on Rival in the HOT BUNS build.  It's great for cross.  Most people on the team dig on the Crank Bros pedals, except Paul uses Time ATACs.


The canti-equipped frames have this nice barrel adjuster for the front derailleur.


This is where I park MY hot buns on my HOT BUNS.  We're going with Prologo saddles this year.  They're awesome.  The ti-reailed Nago Evo is my new all time favorite.  It's a small upcharge from the Kappa Pas, knocks off about 110 grams, and it's awesome.  

So that's my bike.  We've had a lot going on with the Wheelhouse order closing on Monday and the buildup to the CX frame.  People are LOVING the HOT BUNS (I mean, who wouldn't, really?) so once the road order closes it will be full court press on these babies. 

Race smart.


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Couple o' quick questions on the HB…takes same seatpost as WH? What size again? Since I'm new to the BB30 concept, does the frame come with the bearings and other necessary hardware? Thanks.


Looking forward to some HOT BUNS of my own.


Hot buns, indeed! Were all those added into the bike after you bought it? The set-up's pretty difficult, it seems. My kid's crazy about bikes, and I'm crazy about the safety features!

Guy Chambliss

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