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As Ferris Bueller said, the world moves pretty fast, and if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it. The world of things that you might put on or use with your bike moves fast indeed. 

Compass tires have become really popular. They're at least as crazy about finding out about the things that make bikes ride better as we are, and their tires are a success in that quest. For whatever reason, I'm able to easily spot them on the road (they're a little distinct but not that distinct) and I always ask the rider how s/he (I'm sorry, I'm never going to use the improper "they" there) likes them. The answer is ALWAYS "I absolutely love them." Now you have the option to have them included with your wheels. Astute Twitter followers will know that we have some I-don't-know-what-you-want-to-call-it about "proper" cross tire sizes, but their 38mm Steilacoom cross tire is pretty great. As are their road tires. You can see them in the Tires, tubes, and tubeless accessories section. Tires bought with wheels get installed here, and tubeless tires include sealant (but you do have to buy the valves). 

We'd previously built a bunch of generator hub wheels with customer supplied hubs, but now we've become a dealer for SON generator hubs. The Shimano hubs are also an available option, but people seem to prefer the SON hubs. I have to admit to some ignorance here as I go night mountain biking about four times a year, my commute to the shop is under a half mile (or about 1k because those stupid rules), and though I've seen the light (see what I did there) on gravel riding and racing I have yet to embark on any of these crazy "brevet" things. So my detailed knowledge of what to look for in a generator hub isn't "on fleek," but you all seem to know everything you need to on that anyhow. And you like SON hubs. So there. 

Aivee hubs still qualify as new, since we've started shipping builds with them less than a month ago. You can get them in RCG36, GX24, or in a ton of our other disc builds. The cost is low, the quality is super high, the ease of switching to different axle types is insane, and yeah we're just really enthusiastic about them. 

The other other other new hub we're working with now is Project321. They are pretty boutique and pretty niche, but it might be a niche you have to scratch (we'll be here all week, folks!). They have all sorts of options for Lefty forks, and their hub engagement speed is available in options ranging from instant to sub-synaptic. They're also pretty, and we really like the people there. We're not likely to sell a huge boatload of them, but they're available for custom builds for sure. 

Last blog, I teased some upcoming new builds, and while we're not ready to go full frontal on those quite yet, they will be announced soon. 

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Mario – Much more true to marked size. My road bike BARELY fits a 25mm Conti 4K but a Cayuse 26 is an easier fit. Also be sure when talking about rims that you reference the inner width – outer width doesn’t affect tire width. I do dumb stuff all the time but a 26mm tire on an i25 rim is crazy.

Kevin – We’ll have to agree to disagree. I dislike them.

Brian – You don’t want US to stay under the radar do you?


How wide does the compass tire go if fitted on a rim? Say 26mm tire on a 25mm rim.

One of the euro brands always fits wider than the printed width size…


Easy on the rules. They exist for a reason. Rule V in particular.


Compass tires are phenomenal, but I’d prefer they stay under the radar. You’re not helping.

brian feltovich

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