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If you've been rooting around in the store lately, you'll have noticed that Pacenti SL23s are currently out of stock. We have a thin safety stock to cover people who crash or have some other situation where a new rim is needed, but apart from that there are no more available anywhere in 20 or 24 hole until mid to late September. Sort of a bummer, we know.

The graphics are just like me - tasteful, yet easily removedFortunately, we had been testing a new-ish rim from Easton called the R90SL. 24mm wide outside, 19.5mm wide inside, 26mm deep, 455g, tubeless ready, easy to put tires on, full size brake track, and good looking, it impressed us when it walked in the door. It's very similar in finish quality to a HED Belgium series rim, and one look at the serial number label offers some explanation as to why that is. 

The rim builds up beautifully, round and straight for days with even spoke tension. We don't have thousands and thousands of miles on them yet (just hundreds) but based on input from other builders with whom we've discussed them, especially with the Pacenti out of stock situation, it was an easy decision to green light. The only fly in the ointment is the lack of a 20h drilling option. (EDIT - 20h rims are now available!)

We're enthusiastic about these, for certain. The little bit of extra weight over the Pacenti is for all intents and purposes insignificant. The durability and strength it should provide more than pays for the penalty. Riding on them is most similar to riding a HED Belgium+. They are very nice, indeed, and with a cost much closer to Pacenti than HED, we think these will become a popular option. 

Hey, good lookin'The store has been updated so you can go click away, and the product page also includes the specs in the rim options comparison table so you can see how it stacks up against your other Select Alloy options. 


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Eric, they sure do.


Do you have these Eastons in the disc version as well?


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