Last fling for colors of spring

If this year's colors of spring promo is any indication, color is back. I can't remember a colors of spring/colors of fall event when black wasn't still the most popular color choice, but this year it wasn't, and it wasn't even close. And now we're sweeping the rug right out from under you.

No, no, just kidding. There's no rug sweeping afoot here. But we will be reverting back to regular pricing on colored hub builds. When you look at it closely, a lot of wheel builders and/or brands are like Hanry Ford - any color you want, so long as it's black. Still more don't offer anything like the full array of colors that are available. And of the ones who do give you the whole Crayola 64 box, few match our quality, service, and price - whether during a colors of promo or not.

It usually takes us a day or so to actually get the site back to normal status, so you've got some time and if you want to get in, get in. But unless we really get distracted (never happ... oh look, a butterfly!) you've got a limited amount of time. 

After a weekend in which I race-ish-ed (what do you call a race that isn't really a race, but people still keep score?) in wool socks, leg warmers, a thermal vest, gloves, a long sleeve AND a short sleeve jersey, plus arm warmers, the mercury's current slide to the upside couldn't come at a better time or be more welcome. Get out and enjoy it. Because inevitably, #cxiscoming before long. 

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I've yet to hear of a well-timed one, but very sorry to hear it.


And that figures. Talk about a poorly timed divorce!


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