January pre-order, Britney's new video, nailing the dates, and Billy Madison

One of the not-headline things in which we take a lot of pride is that we hit the dates for pre-orders. The order that closed on 1/2 (because despite rugged cold windy conditions, 1/1 was a better day for skiing than closing a pre-order) starts to ship today. Without jinxing ourselves, we've always nailed the delivery dates like that. 

And we'll have another chance to nail them soon, as the first round of our Perpetual Pre-Order closes on 1/31. Pre-orders deliver first in/first out, and the size of the 1/1 pre-order means we'll be building those suckers for another 10 days, so that's your carrot to get in early. Saving $100 for waiting really not all that much longer than you would for normal delivery is a nice way to pay yourself/charge us a healthy APR. Healthy APR. Those will begin delivery by the first week of March. Cafe Racer, RCG, GX24, and GOAT are all included. 

What's Britney's new video got to do with anything? Does Britney have a new video? I don't think so. But, as promised, we did raise most alloy prices for 2019. (cue stadium announcer voice) Though this weekend only, use code "WhoopsImissedit" to get $30 off all alloy builds that had price increases. Gitcha some. I told you Britney had something to do with it. Or maybe I didn't. Anyway...

I've always like Ritchey as a brand, and Tom Ritchey as a guy. More reasons why here. Watch the part that starts 45 minutes in in particular. We've always built with standard easily replaceable parts for the same exact reasoning he states here, only now that people are really getting out into the great furry yonder more and more often, it's even more important. There's a whole post on what causes a wheel to either stay true or not, which I'd actually written before I saw the Tom Ritchey interview, and he gives a bunch of my secrets away (the "I love you I love you I love you" part), but a botched save caused that to go away. Soon. 

Oh yeah, the Billy Madison part. I've enrolled in an MBA program, the first class of which was last night. I haven't failed out yet. Give it time. But you'll probably see some wild statistics charts and graphs stuff on here real soon (because guess which is the first class????).

Have a great weekend. 

(oh yeah, Park City is a great place to ski - I attended a conference there, what a boondoggle. ski more, confer less)

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I love, love, love Tom’s mustache.


New respect for TR (self effacing guy) for sure; because of your [DK] wheel builds on my November .. my AForce Al33 .. I never hear “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you”! Thank You, November [DK] for that!


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