Introducing our purposeful merchandise: November x A11y

Introducing our purposeful merchandise: November x A11y

It only took us a decade but we finally launched a full line of merchandise - men's and women's t-shirts, polos, hoodies, even a mug to start. Only it's not just November merch - it's all part of our new A11y offering. The "11" in the center of course connotes our eleventh-monthed name, but also our 1:1 commitments. First, every dollar of proceeds from the sales of any A11y merchandise will benefit racial equity initiatives through cycling. Second, the other aspect of our 1:1 commitment is that we hope to grow this program large enough so that we are donating as much from A11y as we are generating in profit from our core business. Our intention is to hold ourselves accountable so that we treat everything in A11y the same as we do our other products, promoting, featuring and refreshing them as much as we do the wheelsets in our lineup. 

By all means click through and look around, but here's a sample of what we're offering. Every item has some new version of the November logo - either colored to align with a cause, or locked up with the A11y mark.

Here are a few examples. Click on any image to go straight to the product page.

Here the RGB logo tee replaces the blue and red in our logo with the red, black and green of the BLM movement. The November x A11y lock up is on the left shoulder.

And there's this one, where the November logo on this women's scoop neck tee gets the pride treatment. 

Here the A11y badge is on the chest with a simple white November mark on the shoulder. 

The November logo is RGB-banded on this fitted long-sleeve tee:

Most items come in multiple colors and a full-range of sizes. Everything is print-on-demand and typically ships within a week of order. 

The first group we are benefitting is WTF Bike Explorers, specifically their SJ Brooks Scholarship program that seeks "to increase access, reduce barriers, and center voices specifically for BIPOC cyclists who identify as femme, trans, woman, non-binary, intersex, two-spirit, or genderqueer." Watch for an interview with one of the WTF crew here in the next few days. 

If you like what we do, please buy something from A11y
If you want to do something more for racial equity, please buy something from A11y.
Or if you're bored with your current t-shirt collection, please buy something from A11y.

As you can see, we could use some non-stock photography models. Tag yourself with #a11y in any A11y merch on social and let us know so we can add you to our product photography pages on the site.

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John – Thanks for your comment (honestly). We knew there might be blowback from our position here, but we’re not willing to move from where we are. If that means we lose a few good customers, so be it. We respect your opinion and rights, but this is who we are.


REALLY! Come on guys, dont drink that cool aid. Been a customer for a while and purchased at least 3- 4 wheel sets from great wheel builders. Please dont promote that crap and waste peoples time with your social opinions. I listen to what you know about hubs and spokes not __________. Please unsubscribe. Ill need to find another wheel guy.


Being one myself (on the spectrum as it were), thanks to everyone for being an A11y!


Josh – Thanks. Mike gets most of the credit

Marcus – We have in the past. We might again.


Thank you. This is an impressive program! Worth the wait


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