Chris King, Industry Nine, White Industries, Aivee and Onyx Hub Sounds

Chris King, Industry Nine, White Industries, Aivee and Onyx Hub Sounds

I'd give you a Beach Boys reference here but let's face it Pet Sounds is a pretty ridiculous piece of enduring art (Wouldn't It Be Nice and God Only Knows in particular), where we're just going to show you a minute long clip about noise levels of a few hubs. 

As we make videos about the wheel building process (the first will post either end of this week or early next), I should really learn to script. As you'll notice and as we point out, I misname most of these hubs. Fortunately it doesn't affect the substance - a T11 sounds exactly the same as a CLD and an Onyx rim brake hub sounds exactly like an Onyx disc brake hub. Which is to say that there is no sound to either. 

Here you go

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I absolutely love my Onyx Hubs. If I’m behind you on the trail, all you hear is my whizzing 😊

Sam J

I have RCG’s with the WI CLD’s. They may be louder than the other hubs in the video, but they’re not overly noisy. Great hubs!


I’ve got the White Industries T11’s and the CLDs and yep they are super loud but that’s how I like them.

Patrick Carlin

The Hope Pro II’s on my mtb and the i9’s on my gravel bike are my favorite hubs, simply because of their sound.

Mike E.

Hubs are meant to be like children from the 1960s: seen and not heard….and, of course, treated with benign neglect. :-)

Hoogle Da Boogle

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