Fun with Web Metrics

We pay a lot of attention to web metrics. We want to know how people are finding out about us, how long they're hanging out on the site, what content they're reading, and whether Dave's or my blog entries have the most page views. (Help me win - forward this one to your team list.)

Since we've told you pretty much everything else about our business, I don't see any reason why we shouldn't share with you what we think we know about you. So here are some of our analytical findings, ranked in the order in which I think of them:

How long you people are hanging out:

  • Our web visits are up 266% this month over last. So that's pretty good, especially since we were pretty pleased with last month's numbers to begin with.
  • The average time someone is spending on the site is down 16% from last month, dipping just below 4 minutes per visit. That's still pretty good, particularly given the traffic increase. Our first month the average time per visit was almost 10 minutes. Know that advice your coach gives about not starting a TT too hard? Yeah, we don't listen to it either.
  • This single page has the longest average time per visit on it - over 6 minutes on that page alone.
  • Over half of our traffic is from people who have visited the site 5 times or more. One out of ten of you have been here 50 times at least. (You just can't get enough carbon fiber, can you?)
  • Look at the visitor to the left of you. Now look at the one on your right. One of you has already been here at least once today. 

Where all you people are coming from:

  • About 1/3 of our visits come from, and half our traffic comes from GamJams or the NewsRoll on blogs around the country (thanks GJ Ambassadors!). 
  • The most productive of which is this dude's blog in Nebraska. If we didn't already have Pro Deal Pricing for everyone, I'd give it to him special.
  • About 1/4 comes direct - that is, people just typing in "" or coming from someplace that isn't a website - like email. Normally this is a reflection of brand awareness. People started to know who we were pretty quickly.
  • We get a nice chunk of traffic from Google as well, though about 95% of it is searches on "November Bicycles" or similar terms.
  • One guy searched for "What do I have to do to become a carbon fiber bicycle engineer?" The irony of finding us is not lost on me.
  • We get almost as much traffic from Facebook as from Google. And almost exactly half as much from Twitter as we do from Facebook. 

Who are you people anyway?

  • Our Facebook fans are 81% male and 18% female. (I know. Aren't you glad we don't engineer the bikes ourselves? The top tube wouldn't reach all the way to the head tube.)
  • We have traffic from 44 states so far. Help us hit the cycle by forwarding our site to any racers you know in Maine, Mississippi, Wyoming, Idaho or Dakota (either type).

What are you looking at?


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@ike: do they tell you which frame preme you got (if any)? I'm putin' my order in tomorrow 8-)

Steve Klose

Ooh, that reminds me. Gotta do a conversion rate analysis.

Mike May

I used to work at comScore, so this type of stuff is right up my alley. Pretty interesting data. I already put my frame order in, so I just come to see if you've updated the blog…


Steve,I haven't heard anything, but I'm hoping I got in early enough for the jersey. I ordered in the first couple days it was open…


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