Feature Build: SL25/CLD/CX Ray

Over the past two years, one of our most popular, reliable, and best builds has been crafted from Pacenti SL25 rims, White Industries CLD hubs, and Sapim bladed spokes. Pick whatever attribute you most prize - light, stiff, strong, durable, great looking, reliable, versatile - and it's got it covered and then some. And we're discontinuing it. Not of choice, but of necessity. The SL25 will soon be replaced by a new version called the Forza, so we're offering our remaining SL25 rims in a feature that could easily be our favorite all-time build, at $100 off our already "lower than anything even remotely close to as good elsewhere" price. 

Sex may sell, but nothing in the bike industry sells anywhere near as well as "new." Will the new rim be as good as the SL25? It's tough saying without knowing. What we do know is that we've loved the SL25, and we're sorry to see it go.

As to the build, it needs little explanation at this point. For road, gravel, cross, or whatever path you might choose, it's as good as it gets. It's always been our first choice for cross tubeless. CLDs feature the same steel axled, titanium cassette bodied general awesomeness as T11s in one of the most reasonably priced premium hub sets on the market. CX Ray and CX Sprint spokes speak for themselves. 1640g for the package in 24/28. And having built this exact combination hundreds of times, our ability to put it all together is unequaled. 

Inventory constraints limit us to 24/28 and 28/32 builds, in limited quantities. Choose black or silver hubs. Includes tubeless tape AND VALVES. Give us about a week to get them on the way to you. 

Pacenti SL25 / WI CLD / Sapim CX-Ray Featured Build.

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