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Our 2014 bike is called the dojo. Not the Dojo, or the doJo as we would name it if we wanted $38 million in venture capital. If you would like to give us $38 million, please do so without the expectation of equity.

Yesterday Facebook blew the eff up when we asked it what it thought the price of the dojo would be, fully built with Force22, a Deda Zero cockpit, and our FSW 23 wheels that come with White Industries hubs standard. 100+ comments in a few hours is unsubtle enough even for us to pick up on. That, or you all want to win a free pint glass for guessing correctly. 

Below is what the pricing and options look like. We'll be building these into a configurator in our store over the next couple of days so you can pull on all the drop down menus you like and see how your final product changes. For all of these options, you'll naturally be able to choose stem length, bar width, seatpost setback, tape color, cassette ratio and standard or girlie-tee compact crankset. 

Note also that these are pre-order prices. In-stock prices aren't finalized but will likely be about $400 more for the frameset and somewhere between $600 and $800 more for the complete bike, depending on wheels, gruppo and build kit.

  • Frameset Only: $1045
  • Add a gruppo
    • SRAM Force22: +$868
    • SRAM Red22: +$1719
    • Shimano Ultegra 6800: +$804
    • Shimano Dura Ace 9000: +$1808
    • Shimano Ultegra Di2: +$1219
    • Shimano Dura Ace Di2: +$3183
    • Campagnolo Chorus: +$1319
    • Campagnolo Super Record: +$2420
  • Add a build kit (bars, stem, post, saddle, tires, tubes, bar tape)
    • Deda Zero: +$336
    • FSA SLK: +$491
    • Ritchey WCS alloy: +$363
    • Ritchey Superlogic carbon: +$793
  • Add wheels
    • November FSW 23 with White Industries hubs (your choice of color): +$745
    • November Rail 34 with White Industries hubs (your choice of color): +$1445
    • November Rail 52 with White Industries hubs (your choice of color): +$1445
  • Add professional build
    • +$200

So get out your calculators or set up your spreadsheets to see how much you're in for. Each of these options are just that - options. If you want to get a frameset and gruppo only and build up with your own kit, that's great. Or if you want a frame and wheels you can do that too.

Final artwork

We're close to final artwork. When we have it we'll share it here and also on a product page for the dojo so you can decide which colorway you'd like. The picture of the mockup at the right is very close to the final scheme for our Penguin Colorway, which will only feature the raw matte UD carbon and some white accents. We are also creating an all black version where the white accents you see at right will be replaced by a graphite with subtle contrast to the matte UD carbon. The White Industries hubs on the FSW and Rail wheels are available in 6 non-black colors, if you'd like to add some visual variety that way. 

The all black version will only be available through pre-order. We'll bring some bikes in stock but they will all have the white accents. 


Once our design agency finishes up with the artwork we're cleared for pre-order takeoff. The exact date of that is ASAFP. The pre-order will very likely run through Christmas so build that into your (or your favorite gift giver's) planning. With that timing, frames are arriving here in April. QA begins right away and we typically begin shipping the first frames within a few days of receiving them. Complete unbuilt bikes will also be ready to go, and built bikes will take some additional days depending on how many there are. 

At a glance builds

Our least expensive option for a complete dojo would be equipped with FSW wheels, a Deda Zero cockpit and Ultegra gruppo for $2930. If SRAM is your thing, Force22 set up the same way is $2993. Upgrade to an Ultegra bike with Rails and you're in for $3670 with Ultegra and $3693 with Force22.

Ultegra Di2 starts at $3345. SRAM Red22 is $3845 and up. Our least expensve Campy bike is with Chorus at $3445. 

Our halo build is built with DuraAce Di2 with Ritchey Superlogic and Rails, and is $6665. Add $200 to any of these prices if we're building it for you.


Use the comments please. We're listening.

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Rail 34?? Is that a teaser?


What is this Rail 34 that I see as an option?!

Eric Tse

Exciting news. Love following your exploits. Only question is…I don't see Campy EPS as an option. Will Record EPS be a build option? I'm dreaming of dojo dipped in some o' that…and some 52's on White Industries…


I like the penguin colorway. Will you be offering any sort of warranty against manufacturing defects? Also, will you have stack and reach measurements available?


Looks great guys. If anything happens to my racer, I know where I'm heading.

M. Donald

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