dojo is a go-jo.

We reached our pre-order goal for the dojo yesterday so the dojo pre-order is a go. Everyone who pre-ordered will have a shiny new dojo in the spring. Anyone lurking on the sidelines waiting to make sure they weren't wasting their time with the pre-order can now pile on with conviction. Hooray, new bikes for everyone!

When I say we reached our goal I don't mean that we pre-sold 100 dojos. We didn't. But we did sell enough frames with gruppos, build kits and wheels to generate enough cash to cover the frame order. This means we'll have frames in inventory in a few months. Good news for people who want to pay one day and receive a bike the next (though you'll be paying substantially more than the pre-order), but it's not the outcome we were hoping for. Selling out of inventory means raising our prices by quite a bit, moving us into a pretty competitive area with other direct to consumer brands (there are still quite a few out there, despite the dozen or more that have disappeared in the past 18 months), and shop-distributed brands at inevitable clearance prices. Our business model is never to do what everyone else is doing only better or less expensive; rather, it's to deliver something that adds unique value to our customers. I can't say we're not a little disappointed that the pre-order was not bigger, and it's causing us to take a hard look at the frame business moving forward. We're psyched to have new bikes on the way, but it's becoming clear that the market for value is substantially smaller than the market for immediate gratification. To compete, we may need to get all Warby Parker and FedEx customers 3 fully build dojos in different sizes to test ride, and have them just send back the ones that aren't quite right. Good luck doing that on the margins from $1045.

Thanks to everyone who did get in early and made this pre-order happen. You're going to love your new dojo. And I'm going to love mine!

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^ What Tracy said: "I want a Dojo, because of you guys. Keep it up, Mike and Dave."8 years since my last bike. Have not seen anything since that motivated me to make a change. But, your model, your story – combined with the value proposition – I'm in.Now, when are those bikes going to get here?? (Sorry, can't help the reflex need for instant gratification.) :-)

Bill Percival

First of all, Complimenti, Complimenti, on making your goal to get the new project started. Business is a curious thing. "…but it's becoming clear that the market for value is substantially smaller than the market for immediate gratification." Part of busness is reputation of quality, and that takes time to build. I bought the dojo based on my experience with your 38mm wheel. I bought those wheels on a bet. I had never heard of November. I found you while "looking around." I thought at the time that I was going to buy a pair of Williams Wheels. They have a good reputation, and they are here in California, and have a relationship with my racing team (Davis Bike Club). They were out of stock at the time. Then I found November, and your wheels were lighter, and had excellent reviews. So I took a blind chance and ordered your wheels. AND I LOVED THEM! You guys are awesome and your product is awesome. That was 2011.Last year I am talking you guys up in the peleton. And a friend of mine opted to get a pair of 38 mm wheels from you. And guess what, HE LOVES THEM. And he thinks you guys are awesome. That is 2012. It is the end of 2013 I saw the first email for the Dojo. You are now offering a new bike. I wasn't exactly looking, my Italian racing bike is ten years old but going good. And my four other lesser bikes are sufficient to fill in the training. But I want a Dojo, because of you guys.Keep it up, Mike and Dave. You guys are doing the right thing. The word is spreading. I am so looking forward to a sweet carbon bike, with awesome components (Campi, …got have Italian built something somewhere on this thing…), and awesome wheels (Rails52, naturally). …just a customers perspective. (I do understand the immediate gratification thing…)

Tracy Basso DPM

Sorry that I'm not getting on board w/ the Dojo… I went w/ a Ti frame about 6 months ago. I was one of the many, I'm sure, who was asking about a new bike, but alas I lead you astray. Keep up the good work!! I've been sharing you guys w/ every cyclist who'll listen on weekly group rides and on FaceBook.

Scott L Booth

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