Discounts for the Needy and/or Deserving

We thought for a long time about our discount programs. Everybody seems to have them, but then again, everybody has a lot more profit to give away than we do. Most other cycling companies use discounts promotionally, as a way to drum up interest and orders. We make a point of doing most things not like other cycling companies.

Instead of discount programs that say, "Buy here now!" we decided instead to build discount programs that say, "Thank you." 

  • Juniors and Collegiate: Thank you for trying out the sport. We hope you stick with it. Sorry it's so expensive - we'll do what we can to help with that.
  • Coaches: Thanks for giving up a shot at a lucrative career to make us faster, and to put up with our whining about how we could have won (but somehow didn't).
  • Officials: You rock. Anyone who doesn't agree pays 10% more for November products.

 Follow the links above for more information, or look under the "Discounts" tab at the top. And please tell anyone you know who qualifies for any of these - we want to give as many thanks as possible.

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