Colors of Spring

Two notable things happened yesterday: it was nice enough to ride outside (which I did), and during said ride I noticed the first crocuses out (which like any other child of the '80s I had to look it up because I thought it might be spelled "Krokus" - a hair metal band named after a colorful flower? Oh '80s, you were a supreme decade). So it's time for Colors of Spring. 

During Colors of Spring, wheels that don't normally have color choices (FSW3 and RFSW3) do, and all other wheels which would normally have an upcharge for color have no upcharge for color. 

Speaking of spring, it's spring. Ceramic RFSW3 builds sold out, then sold out again. However, now that the fur has flown and the dust has settled and the chickens have been counted, there is good availability of machined brake track versions of the RFSW3. Those are available for order and standard delivery, as well as being eligible for Colors of Spring.

Our initial stock of November by Novatec hubs have sold out, so for those of you looking for a good, basic, fully functional, durable, performance-oriented hub at a more budget friendly spot, we're offering Bitex RAF/RAR12 road hubs and Bitex 106F/106R centerlock rear hubs in the interim. Black 20/24 road hubs are November branded, while colored road hubs and disc hubs (available in black only) will have standard branding.

The new shop is fully functional, and pleasantly more functional than the old shop. Not only that, but it's a much more public-friendly space than the old one. While we don't foresee ever becoming a regular full-line bike shop, we are stocking a selection of stuff that "people like us" have trouble finding at the regular bike shop - specific stuff that savvy riders look for to make their bikes work better and go faster. Kind of a pro shop experience. Come visit when you're in Newport.

Along with that, our Parts and Pieces selection has filled out a ton and we're now offering tires, tubes, cassettes, rotors, an expanded selection of skewers, and other stuff (need second cup of coffee) that you can order along with your wheels. Anything ordered with wheels that fits in the box ships for free (can't think of anything that wouldn't fit in the box but, again, second cup of coffee), and anything that can be installed* comes installed - saving you the inconvenience and headache of having to do that. Plus we use torque wrenches and know what we're doing. 

Uncharasterically short one today, but these wheels ain't gonna build themselves so back at it.

*The only thing we know that can't be installed is a cassette on a wheel set that also has disc rotors installed - the wheels won't nest correctly in the box. So if you order rotors and a cassette, we'll include a cassette lockring tool, which also conveniently works with most rotor lockrings.

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