Cold Ride, Cooler Encounter

Before anything else, when I got home from my ride today I heard about an absolutely awful medical event that happened at Schooley Mill yesterday (to one of our Facebook fans and a GJ Ambassador, no less - so part of the family).  Mike and I had been course-side just hours before, screaming inappropriate stuff at our friends while they raced, and having a great time.  We both had to leave before the elite race, with anything bad the furthest thing from our minds.  Get well soon Brian, we're pulling for you.  

A big week here at November Global HQ.  Our inaugural order is complete, and it went great.  Thanks to all of our customers and everyone who supported what we're up to.  This first order, though enormously significant, was just the prologue of what we hope is going to be a long (and crash free) tour. 

During the early miles of our ride this morning, one of our number had to use the facility at a convenient Starbucks (tm), so we used the excuse to take a short break and have a cuppa.  It was early, the place was packed.  Normally, there are a bunch of cyclists in there of a Sunday, but it being about 745 I'm guessing we were ahead of the rest.  All of a sudden, this guy comes booking up to us all enthused-looking, and says "who's the guy with the November out there??" 

Now, except for an ultra secret rear wheel we're testing, my bike is an absolutely bog standard Perkins build with Ritchey cockpit.  It was next to three top of the line, really really nice "mainstream" bikes - two with Dura-Ace and one with Red.   Among the three bikes were two of one model from one brand and one of another from another brand, and these two models are among the mainstream bikes I like best.  Nice rides.

The guy was totally into the bike, thought it looked awesome, wanted to know all about it.  We've gotten enthusiastic responses from people before, but it's always been in the milieu of us clearly representing our stuff.  This was totally unsolicited, out of the blue, the guy had zero idea he was going to run into one of the partners - he just saw my bike parked next to a bunch of really hot bikes and thought it stood out enough that he was motivated to find its owner in a crowded coffee shop.  Cool.

One of the reasons that Mike and I had been at the cross race yesterday, even though the deadline had passed, was to watch our RFSWs take part in their first cross race.  We were jumping out of our freaking skins when they (and, you know, the guy actually riding the bike) got the hole shot and led the first couple of laps.  In the end, we didn't go 1 for 1 in races, but that hardly made it any less thrilling.  Our pilot was absolutely effusive in his praise for how the wheels handled and can't wait to race on them again. 

Between riding to and from the race yesterday, and a good ride today with a quality group (reduced by one by a freak broken chain incident - thanks again nice guy who lives in the cool house on Glen), I fell in love with the road all over again.  I've found my way into pretty crap shape and the temps dictate the wearing of all sorts of clothes, so it's nothing like those salad days of summer when everyone's got they fast on and you're just rolling, but I can't help it.  I freaking love it. 

Race Smart. 



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