BYO Hubs in RFSW3

The particularly eagle-eyed among you may have noticed two "I'll send you my hubs" options in the hub pulldown options for RFSW3 builds. That's right, you can send us your hubs and we'll build them into a set of RFSW3s for you.

Some of Dave's cache of "I can't throw that out, no way!" stuff

A lot of you are probably like us, with a stash of stuff that seems too good and too useful to get rid of, but somehow you never get around to actually putting any of it to good use. Maybe you've got a set of wheels where the rims are worn out or dented or you crashed them or spokes started braking or whatever. Maybe the rims failed prematurely but the hubs still have plenty of life. You might have a set of wheels that came with your bike but they've got kind of crappy rims and spokes so you never used them. We've had a bunch of people contact us with these very situations, and we're very happy to help.

It does require some extra work for us, in that we have to manage incoming packages, assess the hubs (if we think you're better off not reusing them, we'll tell you), clean them up, measure them, blah blah blah, so we can't make it a bonanza of cost savings, but if you've got a set of hubs that's in good shape it's definitely worth doing. We've differentiated the price on straight pull hubs a bit because they're harder to measure and work with, but we expect there are a lot of LOT of almost-never-used take off wheel sets hanging in garages and basements and sheds that are perfect candidates for this. 

We're also building out a partial build service in the Custom section where you can add different components a la carte and have us assemble them for you. And yes, we'll be offering Al33 rims for sale as stand alone rims, we just haven't yet heard what if any MAP policies or whatever there will be, so we can't post that yet. 

It's sort of funny how excited I am about tomorrow's test. I am truly a geek. 

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Jeff, Thanks for the thought, and yeah I think you're spot on. It's not so much a "ooh, look at how awesome this one or this one or this one is" thing, it's just giving people the comfort level they deserve that what they're buying is actually going to do what it says it's going to do. We think people just want and definitely deserve a realistic picture of what all this stuff actually does.That said I'd be lying if I said we aren't hoping for a good result. I actually think the FSW3 rim is going to prove to be just fine as well. Did 30 miles on mine today, I love them. Dave


I'm anxiously awaiting the data from tomorrows wind tunnel test also, While it won't skew my decision to get a set regardless of the outcome, it does pique my curiosity on how the Al33 rims will fair against the other rims being tested.

Jeff G

I haven't done 3 feet today. It's a mess outside


Yesterday was beautiful, at least up here in Providence (where I am now stranded). If you said you did 30 miles today, I'd be impressed.


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