Black Friday week orange you glad it's Tuesday?

Today's Black Friday set of the day is a pair of RCGs with Orange I9 hubs. Despite the photo, which I ripped off from I9's site because I'm writing this post at home and the hubs are in the shop, this set is for Shimano/SRAM 11 speed road drive. Axles are 12mm front and rear. Lacing is 24/28, with black CX Rays and black brass nipples. Normal price is $1375 in stock and $1275 pre-order (plus shipping), these go for $1125 plus shipping. 


These will be ready to ship about the end of the first week in December, once the November pre-order gets out and we finish with the annual tryptophan hangover. 

As with yesterday's set, this is just one set and when it's gone it's gone and if it doesn't go (and let's face it, even with a big discount we know that asking people to make a snap decision on a fairly expensive set of wheels is questionable) then next season is right around the corner. 

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  • Greg on

    Love my Cafe Racer 46s w/I9 Orange hubs!

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