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As we've said year in and year out, we're not inclined toward doing huge Black Friday or Cyber Monday things. Summer is our busy season, we bust guts from May through October to keep up with everything and by the time this time of year rolls around, well, we're a bit worn. It's time to chill out a bit and recharge for the madness that starts ramping up after New Years. 

That said, there are a couple of builds that we don't mind doing as specials in the spirit of the times. After a crazy season you wind up with some parts that you're not sure why they're here and we might as well get them out the door. Each day this week we're going to put one of these up. Each will be available for 48 hours at a pretty phenomenal (at least we certainly think so) deal, and if it sells it sells and if it doesn't well next season is just around the corner. 

Monday's entry into this maelstrom (not really a maelstrom I just like that word) is a set of All Road 38s with blue I9 Torch hubs. 12mm axles front and rear, Shimano 11 speed road drive. Built as standard with CX Rays and 24/28 lacing, but using black Sapim brass nipples with a new-ish coating that we're testing (the standard black coating has proven a nightmare of friction with All Road rims). 

Normal pre-order price is $1275 plus shipping, these are ready to go for $1125 plus shipping. That's almost 20% off the normal in-stock price and you'll get them quicker so you might be able to use them before it gets too too cold. Shipping is $35 to the continental US, $70 to Alaska/Hawaii, and $90 to a lot of other places but if you want an exact quote to where you are please send us a note. 

Order page is here. 

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To make it perfectly clear, this is just one set. When it’s gone it’s gone and if it doesn’t go it doesn’t go.


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