Black Friday black Wednesday

Black Friday black Wednesday

It occurs to me that the operative word in "Black Friday" is, of course, "black." Black can mean a few things, but as my MBA course this fall is financial accounting, black means money you have and not money you owe. Some stores obviously chuck out loss leaders to get you in the door, but since we don't really so much have a door (we do, but not many people use it) that's not of all that much use to us. One thing that does apply to us is that creating customers creates repeat customers. A staggering amount of our customers become repeat customers, to a degree that every business knowledgeable person I've talked to about it is jealous. So that's useful. 

Today's Black Friday deal which will go to a current repeat customer, a new repeat customer, or a future repeat customer is a set of HED Belgium+ with black Chris King R45 hubs. What? Yeah. $200 off - normally $1165, this one is $965 plus shipping. They're Shimano drive, 20/24

Of note, we know why these hubs are in the shop. We've sold several sets of wheels to Russians, and in fact the one Russian customer I can immediately recall is indeed a repeat customer. But we've also had a bunch of attempts to scam us with Russian orders - stolen credit cards and they ship either to an address in Russia or an address in Delaware. This order, I'd emailed the customer both to get a detail straight and also to check to see if s/he knew anything about bikes and wheels. Test passed. And then we get the "credit card charge dispute fraudulent order" email after the stuff had been ordered and received. Things that happen. We're no longer accepting any orders from Russia - with love or without. 

Monday's set is gone, Tuesday's is still available. Here's the order page for this one

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They did mention something about a server…


Any chance those Russki orders actually had Ukrainian roots on US soil with Rudi’s DNA seeking a dirt digging mission on behalf of his client? ;) Ha .. under the guise of RCG orders hoping to get some traction .. you were way ahead of them!


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