Black Friday and Blue Saturday

Black Friday and Blue Saturday

 Last two entries for our Black Friday week specials here, which are both now sold sorry

The Black Friday black edition is Al33 ceramics with DT350s. 20/24 lacing, CX Rays, brass nipples, tubeless tape installed, including brake pads. (sorry, these are sold out)

The Black Friday blue Saturday edition is a special 24/24 set of All Road 50s with blue Chris King R45s. 12mm axles both, Shimano/SRAM drive, black brass nipples, tubeless tape installed. We're giving a head start on this since I don't want to work this weekend.  (Sorry these now sold, too)  

All the remaining special builds - the Tuesday Orange, the Wednesday black, and these two - are going to stay up until Monday or they get sold. 

Have a nice weekend.

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Well that’s because that’s what we have. If the hubs we had kicking around were higher spoke count, that’s what we’d be doing for specials.


Gee-whiz…looks like all of your Blaque Fryday rim-brake specials are made for lite-weights. 20/24 spokes and what not. Ya know, us fat guys like a deal too…and sometimes on more than just donuts. How about a little Clyde love every once in a while :-) FWIW, I think I’ll start saving up my allowance for the super-beefed up version of your “black edition” build. That looks like a really beautiful wheel set.

Hoogle Da Boogle

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