Black Friday 2018

Black Friday 2018

It's that time of year again! (my keyboard drips with irony) Black Friday!!! Long time readers will find it unsurprising that one of my favorite posts is this gem from two years ago. Then as now, we just can't put out the eye popping deals because we don't want to not get paid to build you a set of wheels. We love you, we think you're the greatest person ever and clearly your influence and good recommendation among your peers is the coin of our realm, and you absolutely deserve our very best effort at our very best pricing - and we say that with every amount of sincerity. Which is why we do that every freaking day of the year. But one of Mike's most memorable lines was "the only thing worse than winning a race to the bottom is losing one," so we do what we can grudgingly tolerate for Black Friday deals. And this year's setup is good.

To start, any wheel set in the standard collections is $50 off. Easton disc wheels? $50 off. Select road wheels? $50 off. RCG36? $50 off. You get the picture. All you have to do is use code "BlackFriday2018" at checkout. Easy peasy. *Thursday edit thanks to some emails asking for clarity - if the color of hubs you want isn't shown in the standard menu, that build absolutely still qualifies for all this stuff. We need to manipulate the order process but we totally consider those to be standard builds. And for custom builds, we'll as always price them as well as we can and you won't be totally left behind on this stuff. 

To finish, we're offering $100 of accessories with RCG, GOAT, GX24, HotFoot, and Cafe Racer wheels. Need rotors with your wheels? $100 off. Cassette and valve stems? $100 off. You get the point. The only exclusion to this is builds with DT350 hubs, since our margins on those are rock bottom as is and the whole blood from a stone thing. No coupon code to enter here, this one gets done as a post-purchase refund. Just buy the stuff, we'll give you the hun spot back. 

Lead times for carbon disc builds will be slightly elongated from our normal two weeks for these orders, as a) we're going to get a lot of orders in all at the same time which means build bottleneck and b) we've got a big rim order queued up pending the tally from this weekend and doing it that way makes doing this Black Friday stuff feasible for us. 

Eat turkey, hang with your people, and buy nice wheels from honest people who build great wheels. 

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Thanks for acknowledging the compliments, Dave. I enjoy great pics with interesting backdrops (as much as great wheels!). That large tree trunk is a good one too.


Keith – Awesome, thanks!


Newport is a good town for hydrangeas. I’m no sort of horti-f’ing-culturalist (anyone get the Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels reference) but definitely appreciate them. This year was a great year for them in general but apparently there are some years when they don’t do well if they’ve been pruned the prior fall, as mine were due to house and yard work. So mine at my house were meh. These borrowed ones were great.


I appreciate your honesty, and will continue to save to purchase a set of your Cafe Race. It will probably after the first of the year but looking forward to rolling on a set of November wheels at the local club rides and races. 👍

Keith Baumgardner

Gorgeous hydrangea!


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