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There's not much getting around the fact that our Black Friday deal (our Novemberfest spoke upgrade, plus a stylish and versatile November pint glass) was badly overshadowed by some of the insane deals out there, and the response to it was suitably muted. In an environment where it was easy to find 40% or more off regular prices, our 10% or so effective discount looked paltry. 

Of course, this all goes back to regular pricing. At 40% off, we're close to selling you a set of wheels at zero margin. Even if we want to grow our customer base (which we do), and even if it's a slow time of year when we are operating at less than capacity (it is), the unattractiveness of doing a bunch of work and obligating ourselves to the service that we provide for zero profit should be self-evident. Other brands simply have more margin with which to make these deals, and we don't. There was one brand whose Black Friday deal was within a whisker of precisely our every day deal, and we don't doubt that they got a huge amount of takeup on it.

Plenty of retailers passed along deals that supplier brands had set up. There's tons of evidence of overproduction and excess inventory needing to be cleared out, and almost everything in the world can find a buyer at some price. There are also some products that came out which clearly didn't find their footing as quickly as planned, and those need more dramatic promotion (in the form of deep discount) to either gain traction or, at the very least, clear out and stop gumming up the system. 

We've had plenty of internal discussions about how to respond to these three situations, and what we keep coming back to is responding by not responding. We're not going to raise prices most of the time just to bring them down a few days a year, and there's nothing we can do about other companies blowing out their overproduction or "unsuccessful at full price" products. Our overhead is low, we don't any Sword of Damocles hanging over our head in terms of inventory that must be turned into cash or financing payments due, so we're well positioned to just weather these times and continue to do what we do the rest of the time. 

That said, you'll notice that the previous Novemberfest and Drinksgiving promos are down, and they'll be replaced with free continental domestic shipping (and reduced international shipping) for December. That's a reasonable and responsible level of promo for us, and it benefits consumers no matter what their ideal November wheel set is. Simply use code "Decembership" at checkout and you're good to go. 

The incredible value build we've been teasing, which gets you a set of top quality, hand built, beautiful wheels for barely more than $500, is also days away from launching, and will be eligible for free shipping. 

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Don't have a 100% firm date for Ai33 delivery. Best info we have is that we'll be able to ship builds in January. A little frustrating but what can you do? You don't EVER get the email from the manufacturer that says "hey great news we picked up a few days in the schedule so we'll be shipping early." It's always delays, and they stack up and compound and yeah. Awesome. All you have to do is request it and you can get T11s with 48 tooth point of engagement. It might take some extra time because we don't and won't stock them (CLDs on the other hand are 48 POE standard now). And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we stop calling them free hub bodies? Free hubs went out when 8 speed drive trains came in.


Yes, Boyd did come down to reality with the T11's didn't he. ;) I wasn't tempted; holding out to see your builds with the Al33s. Then I'll finally have to decide about hub and spoke color….Off topic, but I haven't seen it addressed directly in your blogs, can the T11's be had with the 48 tooth free hub?thanks!


We've been back to screwing you for nearly a week – free shipping began last Tuesday. Use code "decembership" at checkout.


When will the Bacl to Skewing You Tuesday wheel sale begin?


Thank you Ryan. It came like a bolt out of the blue.


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