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**Update #1 - White Industries is temporarily closing as of 3/18 per a regional shelter in place order. We have very limited stock of WI hubs so if you would like a WI build please contact us and we'll see what we can do. Best to the people at WI, they're awesome**

This life gives you more twists and turns than Alpe d'Huez. Adding to that, I deleted the previous blog post by accident and there's no way to get that back. It's just gonna be one of those days.

First and foremost, the important thing in all of this is getting through it. We won't lecture, but we won't promise not to judge. We're very good at being judge-y. Since November's work model has been social distancing since decades before it was cool, we will continue to work as long as stuff can come in and stuff can go out, subject to our needs to care for kids/parents/partners, and subject o our own health of course. Where this ends, no one knows, but riding solo seems to be a good and safe way to stay sane for now. 

Since France went on lockdown, Aivee hubs are unavailable for a bit. Some current orders are impacted by this and we will contact those customers with alternatives. But we do have some Aivee specials based on hubs that we got thanks to a shipping desk screwup. If you were thinking about a set of HED-rimmed Aivee wheels, you might be in luck. 

Carbon rim deliveries are slowly ramping back up. We need to ask for your patience with delivery of those, but they're moving. 

Alloy rims should be unaffected. There are some upcoming modifications to alloy rim options (if you want a 20h Easton rim brake build, get in touch as they are about to go away and we're down to almost none), but those are a topic for another day. 

Hub options, apart from Aivee, are all good to go at the moment. If we learn of any shortages, we'll update this post. Changing all of the store pages is a pain in the neck and we have (very) limited stock on hand so if a supplier has to close for a bit, we may have hubs to suit. 

We're stocked on spokes since that's a small supply risk and they are our most adaptable inventory. 

Since a lot of you are stuck at home without news from any races and probably getting ready to climb up the wall, we'll try to dish fresh blog content and link to some favorite trainer content on the regular until things go back to normal-ish again. 


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Joe – It is

Binx – We don’t have a 45mm version of the AR rims.
I used to be hotter on hookless before. We used to see a good fair few problems with hooks, but knock wood haven’t in like 4 years. The versatility of hooks has some benefit with some tire combos, but I think in a pure low pressure situation then hookless works great, though it is of no spectacular advantage.
Offsets work fine for shallow rims. The lower bracing angles and higher compressibility (spoke tension drop) of shallow rims means offset has more benefit there. So I would say that GOATs are slightly improved by having an offset, but RCGs really wouldn’t be. A lot of shallow rims do just fine without.


wait…is that actually a picture of alpe d’Huez?


Are the 45mm version of the new AR rims the same layup as the 50 and 38?

Thoughts on hookless versions of those for pure gravel tires where psi would never be above 50-55, and more likely 35-45?

Lastly, how much of a benefit do you think the offset/asymmetric spoke holes are worth? Your regular builds have held up for me so well, I’m not sure what the additional benefit to—say, a Goat28_—would be.


Thanks Dave! I’ll try those out.

Bradley Bleck

Bradley – I deleted the last post by accident so I’ll reply here. I don’t know of any way to get the brakes to go wider, but SwissStop makes an “EVO” version of the BXPs (and all their other pads) which are thinner. That will give you an extra mm or so of room on each side which should be plenty. – Dave


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