As Is The Custom...

Just a taste of what's to come

Say what you will, but those Alphonse commercials were about as funny as it gets.  Freaking hilarious.  Anyhow, the custom on today's agenda doesn't refer to societal norms and standards, but rather completely non-standard wheels.  Wheels created precisely for you.  

As November has grown, people have consistently asked for a broader range of options, and now we're happy to say that we're in a position to offer a huge array of hubs, rims and spokes, all built and serviced how we do it.  Of course we'll still offer standard builds in order to get your wheels to you in less time than it's ever taken us to do it, but our lead time for options and custom is less than it's been too.  We're now in a position where taking a bigger inventory risk isn't very risky, which allows us to get you what you want quick, fast, in a hurry.  

We're continuing to increase the scope of our testing, as well as our ability to present you with the most applicable info possible, which will help you make the best selections for your use.  A comprehensive trip to the wind tunnel is days away, our wheel stiffness test rig is under construction, and brake heat testing that will actually give you usable information is underway.  The wisdom of experience and educated guesses are important (we've got those, too), but it's always nice to back them up with the hard currency of good data, and the data often surprises.  And I promise that you can count on us to recommend a few more rear spokes than others might tell you you can "get away with."

Our web store has already undergone some changes and more are in stock in the coming days.  

Lastly, after today's newsletter, it appears that we will have a riot on our hands if we don't sell the socks.  We weren't 100% sure we were even going to sell them, but in the interest of the public's safety, we will.  They are in the souvenirs section of our web store.  

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