Are the clouds starting to break?

Are the clouds starting to break?

Industry Nine has recently reduced their lead time for new hub orders to about half of what it had been, so it's now around 8 weeks. A year and change ago, our response to a hub builder asking 8 weeks to ship new orders would have been "good luck with that." Now, our response is a blog post talking about how the situation may be improving. Crazy times.

Of course we can't wait until things get fully back to normal and we can run our business more like it's designed to do, and give you all of the options that we have with quick turnarounds. Unfortunately, we don't foresee that happening until at least some time into next year. In the meantime, we'll keep doing what we're able to in order to get you wheels quickly. 

What that currently means is that we can ship All Road 35s, GOATs, Cafe Racers, and RCGs with black White Industries hubs for both Shimano/SRAM HG and SRAM XDR drive within about 3 weeks. We can even ship Ekar-based wheels in that timeframe, though availability is slim. We have a constant stream of hubs coming in and builds going out, which has proven to be a pretty robust system.

If you want a different color than QuickShip™ allows, or want Industry Nine or Chris King hubs, or have moved on to XC skiing or Zwifting for the winter and can take the wait, we are modifying our Perpetual Pre-Order through the end of November. Code "hibernation" will save you $75 on any pre-order eligible wheel set purchase, and "snoozebar" will get you $45 off of any non-pre-order eligible wheel set purchase. The rub is that the hub lead time dictates delivery time frame, so for Industry Nine delivery will be in sorta 9 to 10 weeks, White Industries is sorta 13ish weeks, and Chris King will be just before we're back in Daylight Savings time again. 

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