An Alloy Awakening

Yesterday, I got a message from a friend, to whom we are about to deliver a set of FSWs with a Powertap, in which she asked if it was weird that she was so psyched to have a new set of alloys. This is nearly in the same breath as when she'd told me she had ridden her Rail 34s outside for the first time in a long time (this winter has SUCKED) and how she'd fallen in love with them all over again. Some women like shoes, I guess...

Anyhow, in our professional opinions, there is categorically nothing wrong with being psyched on alloys. I've been on a set of T11/Grail/Laser road disc wheels, set up tubeless, since the Arizona trip. Couldn't be much happier with them. 

Alloy wheels are often an afterthought, or relegated to the wayback machine, with up to date alloy rims not getting their due at all. As we've proven, today's alloy rims are more than aerodynamically competent, and when spec'd, spoked, and built correctly can have stiffness on par with carbon for a small weight penalty. 

At this point, we wouldn't be here were it not for carbon and our Rail wheels. They're awesome, we love them, they continue to make tested and proven world class performance accessible to a huge number of people. But we also have a ton of love for a great set of alloys. Whether disc or rim brake, the options available today are fantastic.

And then there's the price. For example, starting today, we're doing a special run of FSW23 wheels with White Industries T11s, Sapim Lasers, and Kinlin XC279 rims, all in black, in 24/28 or 28/32, for $585 plus shipping. This is only possible with an absolutely standardized build, but what you get for that price is quite astonishing - investment grade hubs, world class spokes, one of the most well regarded rims around, and 100% hand built here by us. 


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Hey DaveWhat tubeless tires are you using on the Grail rims?


I should also add that until the Stan's cx team started racing on the carbon wheels, they were all on Grails every time I saw them. They never seemed to use Iron Cross builds at all.


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