A Quick Gasp For Air

Normally we've got a pretty good case of diarrhea of the keyboard, but lately we've been pretty silent.  Why so silent?  Lots going on. 

The first batch of actual honest to goodness "going to a customer" wheels have been delivered.  It's a great feeling to hand over a set of wheels that you know is going to be great for the customer, but it also causes some butterflies.  They've all been checked, checked, and re-checked again.  We're just a little obsessive about our first deliveries here, and if we weren't something would be wrong.

"Stuff in our houses" has exceeded critical mass, so we are moving into a new facility!!  A lovely 10x20 storage facility in a wonderful neighborhood with great schools.  The missi (plural of "missus"?) couldn't be happier.  In addition to providing critical spousal relief, the space will give us room to sort and pack all of the parts and pieces that are now arriving pretty well by the hour.

The frame shipment is the thing we are most anxiously awaiting at the moment.  It's scheduled to hit the dock in just a couple of days.  Without the storage space we wouldn't have been able to cope with the delivery.  10x20 seems like a ton of space for us who have had none, but I think the frame shipment is going to mean we're stuffed in like anchovies all over again.  We're really good at point loading the demands we make of ourselves. 

If you ordered alloy rims and didn't order a bike, they'll be on their way to you very soon.  If you ordered carbon wheels and didn't order a bike you either have them already or will soon.  The PowerTap builds will be right behind. 

If you ordered a frame/bike with or without wheels, we expect to begin deliveries next week. 

Oh yeah, a November frame officially toed the line in anger this weekend, along with a pair of RFSCs and a pair of FSWs.  The FSWs made it onto the Black Hills podium.  I had an undistinguished finish in the master's race aboard the Wheelhouse Max Perkins demo with RFSCs, but I made a few things happen.  The gear all worked flawlessly and looked stylish as could be, and it was great to be back out at the races again.  Bike Doctor did an awesome job with this one. 

photo courtesy of Joe Mallis, who rocks for showing up at all our races and taking pictures.

Do these jeans make my but look fat?

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A "pretty good case of diarrhea"? Dave, you are way too worried about racing weight.

Mike May

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