A brief Inventory Interlude

Normally we reserve the blog for the innernetworkings of the business, industry observations and cat pictures. Today it's a little housekeeping, in response to inquiries about whether or not the Wheelhouse, Max Perkins, FSWs and RFSWs are still available after the pre-order deadline last November.

In a word, yes - we do have limited inventory of all that stuff still available. Our prices are a shade higher than they were for the pre-order, and they go up again after 1/19. (More on inventory and economics here.) Note that the delivery for these items is still scheduled for the end of the winter - it is not on-hand for immediate delivery to customers. You are buying it out of the inventory we have ordered and on its way. 

"Limited inventory" is a term companies sometimes use to create a sense or urgency, and is not always sincere. If you're suspicious at our use of the term I don't fault you. Here is precisely what we mean on "Limited inventory," as of 9am on 1/12/11:

Wheelhouse Frames ($864 through 1/19):
Size 3 (52cm): 2 available
Size 4 (54cm): 3 available
  Size 5 (56cm): 3 available
Size 6 (58cm): 2 available 

RFSW 50mm Carbon Tubulars ($754 through 1/19):
Standard build (20/24): 1 available
SOB build (24/28): 8 available

FSW 27mm Alloy Clinchers ($380 through 1/19)
8 available

The Wheelhouse frames are also available in the same sizes as a Max Perkins complete bike, for $2398.
The RFSW and FSW can also be built with PowerTap hubs, with prices starting at $1235 for a FSW wheelset with PT PRO+ hub.

You can order any of these items on the pages for the Wheelhouse, Max Perkins, RFSW and FSW. We update the order options as orders come in, so if you see your size on the site, it's still available. For questions or to order a PowerTap build, just drop us a note.

Prices rise on 1/20 so order by the 19th to squeeze us the hardest. Ordering early also ensures the product or size you want is still available, which probably won't be the case for very long. 

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is that a size 3 (53) or a size 2 (52 cm), looking at the geometry image on the wheelhouse page I don't see a size 3 (52)


Right, the 52, 54, etc is more about speaking a shared language. Most bikes called a "54" don't actually have a meaningful measurement at 54. It usually refers to seattube but that length doesn't determine fit anymore. (it used to, when toptubes and seattubes were the same length.)We have sizes 3, 4, 5 & 6 as they appear on our geo chart. Riders who fall between a 52 and 58 on other bikes should find one of ours fits well.

Mike May

nv.. i see you are going by stl rather then ttl


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