November Water Bottle

November Water Bottle

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There's no better way to stay hydrated on a ride than by using a water bottle, and there's no better bottle to use than the official NOVEMBER BICYCLES water bottle. Apart from the fact that it's the gold standard 21oz Specialized® Big Mouth® (clear bottles have the original style caps, blue bottles have MoFlo® caps), let's examine some of the other reasons why*:

1. The lowest aerodynamic drag of any bottle we tested at the yaw angles you are most likely to experience in the real world.

2. Braking performance that matches that of even alloy clinchers, even in the rain!

3. Potential mates of your chosen gender will be falling over themselves to be seen with you and your official NOVEMBER BICYCLES water bottle!

4. Your break-mates will be so entranced by the handsome, colorful graphics that when you attack them, they will have no response. Easy win!

*none of these are actually true. Simply, the bottles are pretty and shipping is included. 

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