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Stans NoTubes Valor, Industry Nine Torch Centerlock

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Lighter and stronger than aluminum rims, the Valor’s carbon rim lay-up is engineered to absorb radial vibrations and impacts adding suspension to a bike. Non-compliant heavy rims that deliver a harsh, abusive ride have become the standard from most companies producing carbon rims. The ZTR Valor utilizes a construction that is both elastic and strong.   Stan's NoTubes has constructed a lightweight carbon fiber rim design not just to be stronger than aluminum but also to perform better in real world riding conditions.

The Torch road hubs use the same drivering and pawls as the mountain hubs. However, I9 reduced the pawl count to 3 instead of 6 for lower drag and weight while still achieving an industry leading (for road hubs) 6 degree engagement.  Relocated bearings, and a new freehub seal reduce freehub drag while coasting.  

The Torch road hubs now feature custom Teflon contact seals for the endcaps, which are manufactured in-house. They fully seal the hubs from mud and water - tight enough for a muddy CX season, but smooth enough for drag-free road miles. And in the coolest colors you'll ever see.

Built with black CX Ray spokes and black brass nipples. Tubeless tape and valves included.

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