Kinlin TB20 Tubular, White Industries T11

Regular price $809.00

Tubulars ain't dead! If you're looking for the unique ride of tubulars, whether for road or cross, the Kinlin TB25 is a 425g 25mm deep 23.5mm wide budget friendly home for your singles (that's what Aussies call tubulars). The rim bed is a great match for road tires 23mm and up, and of course 33mm cross tires work ideally with the TB20's tire bed. 

We've sold more White Industries T11s than any other road hub, and for great reasons. With design, materials, and construction on par with (or superior to) any hub made, in a range of colors, with simple maintenance and their unique steel rear axle and titanium cassette body, and constructed in the US by an outstanding group of people, T11s are world-beating hubs that prove that you don't have to spend the most to get the best.

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