Kinlin TB20 Tubular, Chris King R45

Regular price $1,029.00

Tubulars ain't dead! If you're looking for the unique ride of tubulars, whether for road or cross, the Kinlin TB25 is a 425g 25mm deep 23.5mm wide budget friendly home for your singles (that's what Aussies call tubulars). The rim bed is a great match for road tires 23mm and up, and of course 33mm cross tires work ideally with the TB20's tire bed. 

Chris King hubs are simply the gold standard. Made in the US from the highest quality materials, machined and assembled with unmatched precision, and backed by a 5 year warranty. Available in a slew of colors (and sometimes in special edition colors), with a unique high precision, low drag, and fast engaging transmission, they're expensive but they're awesome. And they're nowhere close to as loud as people think they are. 350g/set

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