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HED C2, PowerTap G3

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HED's C2 was one of the original rims to bring us out of the bad old days of narrow clincher rims. Although at just shy of 18mm (internal) wide, it's not as wide as some of the latest rims, it's still a great choice especially if your frame has narrower clearances., or for those looking for a non-tubeless rim. Light, stable, solid, super durable, and as round and true as any rim on the market. 455g/rim.

Powertap's G3 hub sets the standard for accuracy and reliability in power measurement, in a convenient hub-based package. Adding less than 100g over regular rear hubs, Powertap has continually improved the geometry and serviceability of their hubs and the G3 is an excellent hub in addition to an excellent power meter, creating a true one-wheel solution for all of your racing and training. 

We use the White Industries T11 front hub for this set, because they're awesome. 

Includes tubeless tape (also perfect for use with tubes) installed. Does not include skewers.

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