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ENVE 4.5AR, Chris King R45D XD Drive

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The SES 4.5 AR Disc was developed to deliver top shelf aero performance, stability, and comfort for virtually any road surface. The SES 4.5 AR Disc borrows from ENVE M Series carbon mountain wheel tubeless technology and features hookless beads. Hookless beads improve aerodynamic performance by aiding airflow from tire to rim as well as allow for the best tubeless tire performance possible. Like all Smart ENVE System aero wheels, the front and rear rims are specifically designed for the airflow seen at the front and back of the bike. As such, the front rim is more shallow and wider to maximize stability and the rear is deeper and narrower to aid in drag reduction. In addition to dissimilar geometries, the SES 4.5 AR Disc features a disc brake specific construction that saves weight, improves strength, and creates an unprecedented ride quality.

R45D hubs combine a lightweight hub body, King's legendary made-in-house bearings, and a six-bolt rotor mount to harness the power of disc brakes. The result is the increased power and modulation of disc brakes, the fast, smooth rolling speed of King's bearings, and the rail steering from the one piece solid axles. And the Chris King hub colors are legendary. 

**For use with XD cassettes** (we know - the free hub in the picture is wrong)

Built with black CX Ray spokes and Enve’s brass internal nipples. Tubeless tape included.


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