Rail 55, BYO Hub, Pre-order

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That's right, Rails are back. 55mm deep, 18mm inside width, 25mm outside. Tubed or tubeless. Grooved brake track. Built with black CX Rays and black brass nipples. Rim tape, brake pads, and sexy "whoosh" sound included. 

Road racing, crits, the Wednesday Night Worlds, Saturday Morning Smashfest - these are your wheels. Wide enough for sure footed cornering and aerodynamic benefits with a 25mm tire, but they'll still fit in your frame and allow your brakes to work correctly. 

One of the primary motives for doing the Rail 55 was to provide a replacement rim solution for all of the Rail customers out there, and everyone who's got a set of carbon clinchers that are getting a little long in the tooth. Lacing is limited to 20/24. All standard hubs - straight pull and flanged - accepted. Please me sure that your hubs are clean when you send them, a cleaning fee will be charged for ganky hubs. 

Original owners of November-built wheels, please use the "Original November Supply" option. Everyone else please use the "Your Hub" option. We'll confirm that you've made the right choice, and may ask for some proof of original November purchase. 

The hub's original lacing pattern must be reused (otherwise you put the flanges at risk of breaking) so that's what we'll use. 

Recommended for tire widths from 23 to 30mm.
List of inflated tire widths:

  • Continental GP5000TL 25mm measures 25.75
  • Schwalbe Pro One TL 25 - 25.5
  • more to follow

1618g including rim tape. 

Carbon rim brake braking has come a long way in the past decade, and Rails will provide excellent all conditions braking in "normal" flat to rolling terrain. We do not recommend Rails or any other carbon clinchers for use in mountainous territory with continuous demand for heavy braking. Campagnolo brake pads are not available, Campagnolo red carbon pads are recommended but not included for Campy brake users. 

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