HED Belgium+, White Industries T11
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HED Belgium+, White Industries T11

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White Industries hubs are on a 5 week lead time for black and silver, 10 weeks for colors. Please consider these lead times when planning your order. 

HED Belgium+ rims are the original wide body road/cross/gravel rim, and still what many consider to be the best. Perfectly constructed, light, stiff, strong, and great looking, there is no better all around choice in alloy rims. Tubeless ready, although perfectly content to be used with tubes as well. 460g/rim

We've sold more White Industries T11s than any other road hub, and for great reasons. With design, materials, and construction on par with (or superior to) any hub made, in a range of colors, with simple maintenance and their unique steel rear axle and titanium cassette body, and constructed in the US by an outstanding group of people, T11s are world-beating hubs that prove that you don't have to spend the most to get the best. 350g/set

Laced with black CX Rays and black brass nipples. Includes tubeless tape (also perfect for use with tubes) installed. Does not include skewers.

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