November Perpetual Pre-order Wheelsets

You can purchase any of our carbon wheelsets in 2 ways:

  • On-demand: We keep rim inventory in stock and can complete and ship most custom carbon builds within 2-3 weeks. (Note - due to Covid supply chain delays, on-demand is severely limited. Check our QuickShip options for what is available more quickly.)
  • Pre-order: Save $100 if you're willing to wait a few extra weeks. We announce the pre-order close date and begin shipping wheelsets 6-10 weeks later on average (depending on hub availability). The earlier you order in the pre-order cycle, the earlier we order your hubs and build and ship your wheels.

Every wheelset in this section is available for pre-order. You'll see an option when you configure your build.

The current pre-order closes on December 1, 2021. Pre-order wheels begin shipping in January.