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Knight Composites 29" Race, White Industries CLD

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We've spent a lot of time looking for the best available option for a carbon 700c/29er gravel/cross/XC rim. The parameters we set were that it had to be high quality, significantly lighter than alloy options, strong and stiff enough to make the light weight a non-compromise in those dimensions, have excellent tubeless set up, and have a hookless bead. Hookless beads markedly decrease the chance of manufacturing errors, while increasing rim durability. And it had to be designed as a disc rim from the ground up - no parasitic weight from a vestigial brake track, and no brittle high temp resins. We've finally found it in the Knight 29" Race. Use it all fall for cross, then switch to mountain or gravel tires for the winter and spring. It's ideally everything from a 33mm cross tire to a 2.25" mtb tire. 

25mm deep, 27.5 external/22.5 internal width, 355g/rim. 

We fell in love with White Industries CLDs as soon as they came out, and haven’t fallen out of love with them since. With design, materials, and construction on par with (or superior to) any hub made, in a range of colors, with simple maintenance and their unique steel rear axle and titanium cassette body, and constructed in the US by an outstanding group of people, CLDs are world-beating hubs that prove that you don't have to spend the most to get the best. Available in QR, 12mm, and 15mm front, and QR and 12x142 rear. Includes rotor lock ring for front ring. 

Laced 28/28, 2 cross, using black Sapim CX Ray spokes and black brass Wheelsmith nipples. 


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