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(WARNING - LONG!) We've been customers of the bike business for far longer than we've been in the bike business, and a big part of why we're in it came from what we went through as customers of it.  Loyal readers of the blog will know all about this.  As it turns out, much like what happened to Michael Corleone, they keep dragging us back in.  As in, to some degree or another we have to continue to be customers of the bike industry, both in business-to-business relationships and in business-to-consumer relationships.  As you might imagine, we have pretty varied...

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Investments in Psychological Differentiation

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Even though the UCI hasn't communicated anything to national federations about how its UCI Approved Frame Sticker program is going to be implemented, monitored or enforced anywhere outside of professional events (and even the details there are pretty thin), several brands sprinted for the holeshot and right to claim that they were the first to obtain the magical little decal for their frames. Among them is Felt, who have gone so far as to gain the UCI's approval post haste, and then launch an ad campaign on VeloNews bragging about it. The picture you see here is one of the...

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