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From the vault - spoke aerodynamics

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We've done a miserable job of tagging posts over the last few years. Each year, we put together the rough equivalent of a 300 page book, and modestly speaking it's the best content on the internet. The problem is that thanks to our utter lack of librarian skills, good posts get basically lost to the sands of time. One of my winter projects this year is to make all this stuff a bit easier to find.  This particular post was one of our more popular ones. It's maybe more relevant now than it was then, as we've chosen Lasers (and...

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The best spoke for the job

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TLDR Version: As disc and tubeless usage increases, responsible wheel builders are discarding the idea that any single spoke is "best," and are instead focusing on which spoke is the best for any given role. This also holds for different wheels of the same format, where different purposes may place higher emphasis on one trait over another. The idea that there is some universal "best spoke" for all purposes is as outdated as wooden rims. As we've grown, one of the more difficult things for me to manage has been inventory. As a child of the Great Depression with Scottish...

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