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Mavic Open Pro UST

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Mavic Open Pro UST rims have arrived. Worth your time and dollars? Our first thoughts...

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A dirty little secret about disc rims

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Disc brakes are gaining ever more adoption through road and cross uses. There's even an emerging category of aero road disc bikes, which may seem an oxymoron to many (honestly, myself included), but it's a wide wide world and there you go. One thing that most people have probably never thought much about is that aluminum disc rims that are actually designed as disc rims and aren't just fully anodized versions of rim brake rims, the rim sidewalls aren't machined. Machining a brake track is a lot like sending a piece of wood through the planer; you make the opposing...

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I should explain myself

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In yesterday's blog, I praised one of the majors for going rogue, and expressed "splitting hair fatigue" about brake track width. Have I been possessed? Maybe, but I believe in what the alien overlords wrote on my behalf. The Allez Sprint is a cool bike, and if we're going to have a bike for every ride, the ride that this bike is for is a ride worth having a bike for. There's a bifurcation going on between "a bike for every ride" and "a bike for every ride," by which I mean the pressure exists to have a separate bike...

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